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Replanting a small south-facing vineyard which was abandoned because of its steep slopes. The soil is composed of
limestone "caillottes" (local name for small stones).
So why not a red POUILLY ? To be vinified by a French oenologist who has international experience...


After the construction of a first building last Winter, we now started digging a new underground wine cellar. The cellar size will be twice as big as today within a short time

We often hire skilled workers during the season
Contact us for further information.

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Pouilly Fumé 07 Harvesting on La Renardière vineyard

Sunset taken from
"La Renardière"


Pouilly Fumé made with respect of our natural environnement.

They reveal the authenticity and the expression of our terroir

Aperitif and Food Matching

Aperitif and Food Matching

These cuvés can be enjoyed as an aperitif, with seafood or cooked fish.
Matching wine and food is an art.
Enjoy experimenting with our wines by matching them to your own cooking.
Here is a suggested recipe : Salmon canapés

Pappardelles au saumon fumé

Pappardelles au saumon fumé


Menu for  October 23rd 2009 by  chef FONSECA
Best worker in France 2000


Scallops and salmon in a golden setting   topped  with  acidulous yuzu sauce

Seabass fillet with shellfish and  brocoli mousse

Young wild boar fantasia

tête de moine ( monk’s head) cheese petals, goat cheese with fresh  herbs

Manon’s desire

Coffee, confectionnary
Wines served:

Pouilly Fumé "La Renardière"

Restaurant le Coq Hardi à Pouilly sur Loire

Pappardelles au saumon fumé

Pappardelles au saumon fumé

Préparation : 10 min
Cuisson : 10 min

Ingrédients :
300g parppardelles pasta, 200g smoked salmon, 40g butter, 2 tbsp olive oil, a small bunch of dill, 1 pinch of dried chilli powder, 50g grated parmesan cheese, Salt to taste.

Method :
On a large plate, slice the smoked salmon into 1cm wide strips. Mix with the chopped dill, the chilli powder and the olive oil. In a large saucepan cook the pasta in salted water.
Drain the pasta and return to the pan.
Add small knobs of butter and heat over a low heat until the butter has melted. Add the salmon and the marinade. Mix gently.
Cover and leave it to rest for 2 minutes to allow the smoked salmon to cool. Garnish with grated parmesan cheese.

Our advice : Parppadelles is a larqe, thin pasta, so cook it al dente. Best served with freshly grated parmesan and a large glass of Pouilly Fumé La Renardière"La Renardière"

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Testimony 03/05/2010

Guten Tag

Ich wollte Ihnen einen Feedback zur Verkostung einschließlich Ihres Pouilly Fumé Argile a Silex 2008 geben. Der Wein ist sehr gut angekommen und wurde für seinen lebendigen, aromatischen Charakter und sein ausgewogenes Säure:Frucht:Schmelz Verhältnis sehr geschätzt. Er wurde als perfekte Begleiter zu Fisch und leichteren Sommergerichten, vor allem asiatischen Gerichten vorgesehen, also ein idealer Wein für die aktuelle, sonnige Jahreszeit.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

A.F (Deutschland)

Testimony 09/11/2009

Dear Sirs,

I recently had the opportunity to taste your Pouilly Fumé 2007 "Esprit de Clocher"which I enjoyed greatly.

Could you let me know where I could find this wine in Belgium, preferably in the south of the Brussels area.

Thanks in advance
Best regards
R. D

Testimony  09/04/2008

Der Sirs,

In my cellar I came across a bottle of wine from your domain, cuvee «  "Mt-Beauvais, Pouilly-Fumé 1996"which was hidden under a few bottles of red wine. As the back label recommends 5 years cellaring, I thought  the wine would be passed its prime. What a surprise indeed! When we drank the wine my wife and I realized it was gorgeous, obviously mature, but full of elegance, very well balanced and still retaining some freshness. A 12 year old wine! I even think it was the best Pouilly –Fumé we ever drank. I wanted to tell you about this experience and congratulate you for your know-how and expertise.
Best regards

Dr. K. W

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